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Love's Garden, a novel, by Nandini Bhattacharya

One of BUZZFEED News' "15 Books From Smaller Presses You Won't Be Able to Put Down!"

"A fascinating and well-crafted journey into India's complex past with characters that will entice you...." Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni (The Last Queen, The Forest of Enchantment)

"Wonderfully dense and wise, with a narrative sweep recalling the work of Dickens...." Laura Brown (Quickening, featured in Barnes and Noble's Discover New Writers Series)

"A sprawling family saga set against some of the most momentous events of 20th century Indian history." Clifford Garstang (What the Zhang Boys Know, winner of 2013 Library of Virginia Award)


"Such a Fun Trip"

"Such a Fun Trip," Notre Dame Review, Issue 57, Spring 2024 (forthcoming)

"Rowans, Oaks, and Other Trees," Saturday Evening Post Best Short Stories from the Great American Fiction Contest Anthology 2021 (forthcoming 2021)

"Something Blue," (excerpt from novel-in-progress Homeland Blues), in Good Cop/Bad Cop Anthology, Flowersong Press, 2021



It is 1898. India is ruled by the British, and India's women are ruled by British masters as well as Indian men. A desperate young widow makes a tragic sacrifice to save herself from ultimate dishonor. She marries a stranger for security and shelter, but her damaged second family pays dearly for this Faustian bargain. Then, an extraordinary atonement and strange liaisons in politics and love — spanning the two world wars and the Indian independence movement — help her descendants heal from this traumatic private history. Love's Garden demonstrates the strength, resilience, and unbreakable spirit of mothers and daughters navigating layers of oppression, all while the sun is not-so-peacefully setting on British India.


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