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It is 1898. India is ruled by the British, and India's women are ruled by British masters as well as Indian men. A desperate young widow makes a tragic sacrifice to save herself from ultimate dishonor. She marries a stranger for security and shelter, but her damaged second family pays dearly for this Faustian bargain. Then, an extraordinary atonement and strange liaisons in politics and love — spanning the two world wars and the Indian independence movement — help her descendants heal from this traumatic private history. Love's Garden demonstrates the strength, resilience, and unbreakable spirit of mothers and daughters navigating layers of oppression, all while the sun is not-so-peacefully setting on British India.

The Sale

Raising Mothers Journal, Issue 1

State of Nature: a Tragedy

Storyscape Journal, Issue 22 (June 2019)

Grace and Jimmy

The Bangalore Review (August 2016)

Nakul and the Goddess

Ozone Park Journal (January 2014)

The Cousin's Wedding

The Bacon Review (December 2012)